Filling tubes

Fully adaptable to our clients' requirements and processes

Throughput in humid and deeply chilled packaging environments is guaranteed with application of Breedewegh's non-stick coatings for filling tubes in VFFS machines.

The coatings can be applied to both aluminium and stainless steel filler pipes. Filler pipes already in use can also be treated with this, provided they have sufficient wall thickness.

Our coatings have a number of particularly attractive properties:

  • They prevent sticking due to condensation or the packaging film freezing to the filling tube.
  • The coefficient of friction between packaging film and tube surface is low, resulting in a very low stripping force and more precise steering of the film.
  • The high abrasion resistance of the coating extends the service life of the filling tube exponentially.

Filling tubes

Fully customisable

Application requires a few process steps, with the addition of a coated sealing strip. This eliminates the need for Teflon tape for the transverse seal.

In the fresh-vegetable industry, there is a lot of humid environment that can make packaging difficult. To prevent packing film sticking in your VFFS, we have developed a special filling tube.

This aluminium filler tube features longitudinal grooves and a special surface treatment. Also, this tube has coated bonding surfaces.

These easily interchangeable inserts reduce the frictional resistance between film and filling tube. This is especially effective on machines without vacuum conveyors. A coated seal strip also eliminates the need for Teflon tape for the cross seal

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